Anna Belenkiy (annabell illustration on Instagram) is a freelance digital artist who is pregnant for the first time. As part of her project “Real-life princesses,” she wanted to share her experience with her fans by using Disney Princesses and some amusing everyday scenes of what it’s like to be pregnant.

#1  Celebrating First Moments

“Mulan and Shang Lee intended to spend incredibly romantic Valentine’s Day together, but the future baby warrior had a different idea for their romantic date.” “I was inspired to create this image by my baby’s first kicks.”

#2  This One Is For The Dads

“We found out the gender of the baby today, and the father burst into tears. Isn’t that sweet? I’d want to dedicate this drawing to all the compassionate fathers out there; you’re the finest!”

#3 Pregnancy Glow They Said

“They say pregnancy makes you shine and gorgeous, glow and pretty, glow and pretty my ass!” It appears that I haven’t slept in ages. She shouts back at me and begs me to stop when I look in the mirror! And what’s up with all the pimples? When I was a teenager, I had even less! Only Ariel understands the agony of my pregnancy.”

#4 No More Skinny Pants

#5  It All Begins With A Fantasy, Just Like Any Other…

“This beautiful and magical moment when you understand you’re going to create new life and bring it into this world is one of a kind,” Mulan says, and she decides to surprise Shang Lee for Christmas with a one-of-a-kind gift. “Congratulations, future Mommy and Daddy.”

#6 The Loss Of All Manners

“Belle, like me, forgot all her French etiquette when yearning some French fries… “Who knew fried food could bring out your inner Beast?”

#7  Next, A Relatable Moment To All Moms-To-Be

“As a pregnant lady, morning sickness that lasts all day is a significant part of my everyday existence.” My lovely husband chose to record this “special” moment on tape so that we may show it to our child in the future. So, once again, thank you for this amazing capture.”

#8 Jumping Into Real Talk Territory

“So I’d want to address the elephant in the room:

My pregnancy was calm and wonderful in my imagination. Nobody warned me that I’d be a gigantic gas balloon with no control over it, so I’m here to tell you the complete truth about it.

“At this moment, I can categorically state that the romance has vanished.”

#9  Stop Crying Your Eyes Out

“What in the world is wrong with me?” Is it repairable?! I’m weeping uncontrollably about everything! My tears are enough to fill a bathtub. As a day in my life, I chose to capture a moment between myself and my husband and depict us as Cinderella and her prince.”

The End