What exactly is love? There is no right or incorrect response to this question, except than a great song that quickly comes to mind with the statement “baby don’t hurt me.” The definition is specific and unique to each individual; some may not even have a definition as long as it feels good. Vietnamese artist Luong Thuy, also known as beisme08 on social media, reveals candid everyday moments from her life with her adoring partner, and it appears that they are relationship goals. These comics span from incredibly charming and sweet moments that some may see as corny to funny circumstances and interpersonal problems that make them feel much more real and realistic.

Here’s a special invitation to Thuy’s relationships, drawn in her own adorable way. So, have fun and vote for your favourites! When you’re finished, go back and look at the previous article for more cute illustrations on Bored Panda.

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When we first found Thuy’s comics and illustrations around 1.5 years ago, she stated that she wanted people to “feel cheerful and positive” after viewing her work. She had been sketching and publishing her artwork online for approximately a half a year at the time, and she had 50k followers. Fast forward to present, and it appears that her objective of making people happy and bringing happiness into their daily lives has been successful, as she now has 257k followers who appreciate her work.

“More than 200 thousand followers is a tremendous spiritual blessing for me. I only know I enjoy it, and everyone is pleased to see it. They appear to recognise themselves in my art as well. I never imagined that so many people would support my work. However, my life continues to be quite normal since people identify me through my paintings; no one recognises me in real life, and I’m fine with that. Everyone’s encouragement inspires me to keep going with this project.”

“Life is so much better with love in it,” the artist stated, and we certainly agree based on her pictures.



The artist emphasises how essential it is for her comics to be basic and easy to comprehend for everyone. Her words and drawing style are vibrant and detailed, with a highly recognised adorable art style. She is sketching honest stories about everything her real relationship is composed of—from comfortable moments together, the benefits of being with the right person, and support to hilarious misunderstandings, lonely moments, and arguing. However, even the difficulties and honest parts of every relationship are depicted positively, with the same message that love is unconditional and forgiving.



When questioned about the difficulties she encounters when creating her comics, she acknowledged that she doesn’t have any.

“Actually, there aren’t any major obstacles in the process of sketching the tale. It’s something I’m extremely comfortable doing. I was able to develop my sketching abilities while doing it.”





“If I could give everyone one bit of advice, it would be to put their own sentiments and emotions into their art. Don’t place too much stock in how many people like it or read it. First and foremost, do it because you enjoy it.”



Relationships have been a popular theme among comic artists, most likely because the source of inspiration is so readily available. Some couples, such as Yehuda Devir and his wife Maya, have been recording their ups and downs for years—check out their most recent family update here. If you’re looking for more heartwarming comics, we recommend checking out Jason Shyang’s work, which includes the adorable The Potato Couple, which was featured on Bored Panda here, here, and here, as well as the lovable Love Handle Comics, which depict the love lives of two different people here and here.

But not all relationship comics are so romantic and sweet that simply glancing at them would give you diabetes. Some artists deviate from the idealised image and represent their relationships in an unvarnished manner. In Ok Blue comics, for example, the artist investigates relationship dynamics, noting that “not all marriages have to be ‘attractive’ to be real, genuine, and happy.” Murrz cartoons depict what occurs when couples get overly comfy in long-term relationships. Finally, whatever your relationship looks like, the most essential thing is that it is healthy and offers you joy.















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