Parenting can be stressful, but Kayela Larson, a mother of four, has found a way to cope through art. Larson’s drawings are endearingly amusing, depicting life as a mother and all the hilarious madness that comes with it.

Classic Disney flicks such as The Little Mermaid and The Lion King influenced the artist’s lifelong passion for painting and animation. She married and had children after graduation, and her time for art began to wane. Larson said one night at the kitchen table after a particularly trying day of parenting, “I realised I wanted to engage myself.” “In something that made me feel the most like myself,” she wrote.

She felt uneasy and alienated by a once-calming and therapeutic desire. “As I glanced at my sloppy cartoon painting, I realized that “artist” was one component of my identity that I wasn’t ready to let go of just yet. I went to work straight away, so that must have been the wake-up call I needed.”

Larson regained her confidence and refined her approach, as evidenced by her work. She now utilizes life to fuel her art with her hilarious parenting comics. Scroll down to see what she’s been up to!

Credit: IG | kayelas_art


Sometimes When My Kids Are Ignoring Me… I Yell Random Things To Get Their Attention

Sometimes I Think My Kids Just See Me As A Giant Pillow

I Workout

Tender Moments

At Least His Honesty Is Admirable

Always Take Advantage Of Life’s Teaching Moments

We bought a retractable leash for the dog a few weeks ago, but we haven’t been able to put it to use because it was quickly snatched by my 5-year-old, who uses it to repel down our stairwell.

They Keep Me Humble

Smooth Move…


That Occasion My 6-year-old almost volunteered to help me with chores.




I Believe We’ve Discovered Why He Is 16 Months Old And Still Can’t Stand On His Own


Things I Find In My Shoes


All I Want For Christmas This Year Is A Nap


My 3 Year Old Gossips About Her Baby Brother Like He’s A Total Outcast In The Family




my 2 Year Old Has Hit That Fun Phase Where She Likes To Tattle On Everyone And Everything


Kids Are So Great For Your Self-Esteem


The Influence Of The Media


The other day, I took out some clay for myself and the kids to practise sculpting with. I was attempting to create a man’s face, but the nose area came out flat, making it look more like Voldemort.


Sleep Training Is Going To Be The Death Of Me



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