With a creative blend of normal settings and strange situations, John McPherson makes us laugh. John’s oddball characters show up in unexpected places, but their behaviors are usually amusing and surprising. “closetohomecomics” on Instagram, often known as “closetohomecomics,” is a popular hashtag. Sad, stingy, cynical, yet amusing cartoons.In “closetohomecomics” comics, there are numerous subjects that aren’t dull. Those who need to stand out, in particular, poke fun of groups and them. In our world, there is already a lot of animosity. The artist has an Instagram Create account where he updates his admirers with new and entertaining cartoons. With the acquisition of 523+ thousand Instagram followers, the year’s labor finally paid off. The list goes on and on.


2 Just think of the problems she could have by absorbing the drugs through her skin….

3 how much is the cost to feed them and clean the tank to get max life out of them?

4 I seem to remember that this was the premise of a Love American Style, a young woman with her toe stuck in the faucet and neighbors coming to her aid.


6 This reminds me of the story of the ’Possum that cried “Wolf ! ” Or “Car” or what ever it is that makes them stay in place on the highway.

#7 Don’t order the fudgy.

#8 This guy has no flying experience at all. He’s a menace to himself and everything else in the air… yes, birds too.”

#9 ApikorosWhy are so many destructive developers headquartered in Canada? Because Canadians organize their neighborhoods and can NIMBY the worst of those schemes, while the US considers such mutual defense [note spelling] to be “socialist” and so are ripped off individually.